I started the Body Sculpting academy in Nov. 2015. I came in with all my self composed attitude and righteousness, stating I will never wear a bikini, I don't want to wear hooker heels and I most definitely won't be posing in any show.

Ilana smiled and welcomed me and my resistance into her full and exciting class.

In the academy I sweated, breathed hard and tried to keep from breaking my neck through the endless group burpees and squats. I giggled with the other women while we applauded and stumbled our way through posing.

 I diligently took notes when our instructors Ilana and Britney shared their enormous knowledge of nutrition and health. I would crudely grab the weekly menu hand out and vow I would not weaken to temptation this week.

Oh yes I loved all of it, but the best has been the new attitude, confidence and style I acquired. I've learned to look at myself in the mirror and not get stuck on the fat wiggly middle area but to see the whole body,  I can see now how to dress for the whole body. I've learned to love my shape, it's who I am.

That's what I got from the posing academy, that's what I got from Ilana and Britney.

Enerjoy Body Sculpting academy $55.00 a month.  Trainers Ilana and Brittany, PRICELESS

-Lori P



I want to share with you my experience in being part of the Body Sculpting Academy. To be with all the girls participating in the academy has been amazing! It allowed me to go for more everyday. I have a deep appreciation for my physical body!  Here are my pictures before (may 2015) and on the competition day ( October 2015)
Not only did I create a beautiful physic to be proud of, I also experienced deep relaxation in being a woman that is unique, precious and healthy. Without all of you, I couldn't achieve this. I want to specially thank Ilana and Brittany! You both know how to build the female body both physically and emotionally.

-Libny G